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About Us

About Us

The ‘Online Academy’ is the online division of Blackboard Holding. Employing top-ranked faculty from across the country, we offer online courses and mock exams for senior high school students to help them prepare for nationwide university entrance exams.

Our highly professional faculty provide online education for all levels, from primary school to high school, in each lesson. You can have the best teachers by your side without wasting time in traffic jams or incurring high costs.

We offer the option of unlimited offline access to all our course contents and sessions. We are committed to serving all students in this country, especially those in underprivileged cities where conducting in-person classes is not feasible. With the blessing of God, we are now able to conduct useful educational courses for every student in our beloved country, for whom we wish the best of luck and the highest of achievements.

Discipline is the cornerstone of our institute. Our classes will be conducted with the highest quality and according to a strict schedule. There will be no delays in the commencement of any sessions, and families will be informed in case of students’ absence or tardiness.

The Online Academy is the only educational institution equipped with 7 active teaching studios.

The Top-Ranked Faculty in the Field of Nationwide University Entrance Exams

There was a time when students from smaller cities had to search for specific teachers and attend classes in Tehran or nearby cities, incurring high expenses. However, that’s no longer the case. These classes are now accessible online, from anywhere in the country or the world. The Online Academy takes pride in collaborating with the best teachers from across Iran.

Consulting and Support

The Online Academy employs the best consultants in the field of nationwide university entrance exams. We can assure you that our consultants develop a detailed educational plan to help you achieve your academic goals.


One major advantage of an online educational institute is that you do not waste your time in traffic jams to reach your classes. Additionally, you can download your curriculum, which helps you create study plans for yourself.

Offline Access to Class Contents

This is a common issue for students at all levels; they often struggle to keep up with the teacher while taking notes during class. As a result, they frequently rely on borrowing notes from classmates and face challenges in understanding their notes.

One key to success in the nationwide university entrance exam is repetition. When you attend online classes, you have the option to rewatch each session as many times as you need, ensuring that you never fall behind during the class again.

Continuous Roll Call

You might think that over time, you could lose your motivation and skip these classes, and no one would notice. However, you are mistaken! At the Online Academy, we place a high value on discipline. We will provide your parents with a comprehensive report in case of your absence from the live sessions. So, don’t even consider skipping these classes!

Regular Quizzes

All teachers at the Online Academy administer quizzes before the start of their class sessions. To participate in the class, attendance to these quizzes is mandatory, similar to in-person classes. One advantage of quizzes at the Online Academy is that you can review and retake them as many times as you want, right up to the day of the nationwide university entrance exam.

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An Introduction to the Fields of Education

In the Online Academy, we provide classes in three different fields: Experimental Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Humanistic Sciences.

For further information about these fields, you can visit the links below:

Introduction to Experimental Sciences

Introduction to Mathematical Sciences

Introduction to Humanistic Sciences

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